A Timeline for Year-Round Trade Show Visitor Engagement

The companies that fare the best—and maximize their ROI—at a trade show are those that realize that simply showing up just isn’t enough. It’s the interactions and connections made before, during and after the show that can take your show results from ho-hum to stellar. Here are five ways you can develop an engaged audience: 1. Three Months Before the Show Get the Word Out To create an action-oriented plan, look at the whole communications picture – advertising, online marketing, media relations, and public relations. Make sure your … [Read More...]

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10 Questions to Ask When Preparing for a Trade Show

from Entrepreneur Do you know why businesses attend trade shows? There are a multitude of reasons, ranging from the need for exposure to networking opportunities. Make sure you ask yourself these questions to make sure you have all your ducks in a row before the show. Read more…

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Any way to make everybody happy?

Our company has multiple divisions that need their full attention every time we prepare for the next trade show and everyone has an opinion. How can I make everybody happy?

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