6 Trade Show Tips for Exhibitors and Associations

These trade show tips are not only for your exhibitor and prospective exhibitor community, but can also be used by your association when you exhibit at shows to gain new members and promote your programs.

Multi-Ethnic Group of People Planning Ideas

8 Ways to Get Creative Minds to Work as a Team

As an exhibit manager, overseeing creative types brings with it a unique set of challenges. If you are working with a group of creative, right brained individuals, use these eight tips for getting all those innovative minds working together harmoniously on the same page. Read more…

On the Show Floor

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What’s Your Best Advice?


What’s Your Best Advice For Constant Negativity?

Joanne S. writes, “I’m frustrated with constant negativity. It’s hard to stay positive when everyone has such a pessimistic view.” What’s your advice for Joanne? Add your name to your answer and be entered into a drawing for a dinner for two.

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Answers to “What’s Your Best Advice?”

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One Minute With…


One Minute With…Dee Silfies

As the head of EXHIBITORFastTrak, one of the industry’s leading accelerated learning conferences for exhibit and corporate event marketing professionals, Dee Silfies has always subscribed to a “servant leadership” theory that has given her the ability to manage creative people by letting their imagination take them to greater heights. Read more…

Susan Ginwala

One Minute With…Susan Ginwala

We were able to sit down for a few minutes with Susan Ginwala, account executive at MC², to talk about the delicate dance between sales and marketing in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, along with some thoughts on reaching physicians at industry events. Read more…

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