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Your Advice for “Should Friends Let Friends Talk Trash”

January 6, 2015 By Editor

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-young-surprised-woman-sitting-front-laptop-isolaed-white-image36540184I'm friends on Facebook with a co-worker who has since left the company. Now I see she's posting negative stuff about the company on her page. Should I report her to HR even thought she doesn't work here anymore? Or respond to her comments on Facebook?
— Julianna, marketing manager

Here's what our readers say:

Keep it private
Think about what you are asking first. This person is a friend, right? Then why would you want to turn her in? What would this accomplish? She no longer works there, so they aren't going to fire her. The most that will happen is if what she is saying is slanderous, they might sue. On the other hand, how could you remain friends with someone whom you turned in—and secretly? Posting something in response might only add fuel to the fire and damage your friendship. If you cannot confront her in person and tell her remarks about the company are best kept off social media, then a well written email in private might be more humane. Unless you don't care about the friendship. — name withheld

Get the facts
This is a disgruntled ex- employee that has a need to express themselves in a very unprofessional matter in a public media message board like Facebook. It only proves that if she was dismissed from the company, you are only hearing her side of the story. Unless you know all the facts, I would not comment back to her or report it to your HR personnel. — Julia, Account Manager

Do you have some advice for Julianna?


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