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Atlanta Strikes it Big!

November 20, 2009 By Editor

Hi everyone and welcome to another addition to my blog. The purpose of this space is to share my experiences and information I develop as we continue to sponsor the FastTrak program for Exhibitor Magazine.

Atlanta FastTrak, November 2009

We have officially wrapped up our 8th year with our Atlanta FastTrak on November 10 – 12, 2009.

This time we developed a town hall discussion in place of one of the peer-to-peer roundtables. We had an engaging discussion about budget cuts and shared cost saving practices.

We also discussed social media outlets and how our industry is utilizing these tools. We discovered that more than 50% of our attendees are using social media on a personal level, where only ~30% of companies are participating. Though MC¬≤ as a company participates in social media, we rolled out a MC¬≤ FastTrak twitter account to update attendees on the program throughout the year… but to also offer onsite updates during conferences. Click below if you're interested in following us at

Follow MC2_FastTrak on Twitter MC2_FastTrak

Follow MC2_Exhibits on Twitter MC2_Exhibits

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us on your experiences with social media as well.

Hotel/Meeting Planning: The Atlanta FastTrak is held at the MC² Conference Learning Center in our office in Lithia Springs, GA only 15 miles from downtown Atlanta. Having the conference in our facility is a great way for the attendees to meet our people and to see how we operate. Our Vice President of Operations, Ben Lewis offered well-attended tours of the Atlanta production facility for those who were interested.

Hosted Evening Event: This Tuesday we went back to the basics and organized an evening event that included an all-American pastime… Bowling! While enjoying pizza, sandwiches and cocktails our six teams bowled three great games.

We saw some great bowling skills from some of our attendees including a few graceful wipeouts… even some break dancing! The following day we awarded players in the following categories: Best Bowler (Including highest score and number of strikes), highest number of Spares, highest number of Splits, highest ball Speed, lowest score and the most gutter balls.

It was a great night filled with good conversation and networking with a lot of laughs, cheers and high-fives from all of the teams.

Thank you to all who attended our event and the Atlanta FastTrak program. We appreciate and support your dedication to your career and future in the trade show and event industry.

Thoughts, suggestions, comments? Drop me a line! jbodenmann@mc-2.com

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