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Samsung at CES 2010

March 27, 2010 By Editor

Samsung showed off their technology at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in a way that made it impossible to ignore. Visitors were wowed when they experienced the breathtaking entry to the 32,000 square foot exhibit.

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Inside, attendees were immediately immersed by sights and sounds from 128 monitors – all synced together with a flowing video of spectacular color and imagery. The video was complimented by a 12.1 surround sound system providing synchronized accompaniment to the beautiful images playing on the screens. Many new products were displayed representing Samsung's multiple markets of flat screen television, audio products, cameras, mobile phones and devices as well as office and home appliances and products.

The theme and design of the exhibit by Schmidhuber & Kaindl, Munich and MC², New York was organic shapes, natural elements and images.  Leaves, lilies, flowers, spirals and wave shapes predominated the display areas in this open, free-form floor plan.


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