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Thriving During the Recession

March 27, 2010 By Editor

Flcikr photo courtesy of Stuck in Customs

During a recession, the first thought that goes through every trade show exhibitor's mind is how he or she will survive the inevitable downturn in sales. After all, everyone is tightening their belts. Consumers are keeping their wallets in their pockets. The businesses that sell to those consumers are adjusting their budgets accordingly. Most trade show exhibitors, often a few tiers away the economic epicenter, see the coming storm and react rather than anticipate. In many ways, your competition is removing themselves from the field.

This is good news for trade show exhibitors who are willing to take the reins that market leaders abandon in a sluggish economy.

READ  THE COMPLETE ARTICLE, and you'll discover three reasons why you can thrive during the current recession.


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