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Exhibitor2010-Powerful Partners

April 26, 2010 By Editor

Like every Exhibitor Show, it’s a kick off to the year ahead and our message… and 2010 is a very important year.

In years past we have taken a more laid back approach or focused on results. But this year we wanted to focus on what was important in this economy; the strength and stability that comes from our Powerful Partners.

We have powerful partnerships within our organization between co-workers, departments and nationwide network of offices to the relationships we have with our preferred international business partners. We also focused on the partners we have with the sponsorships we support, like Exhibitor’s FastTrak and Alex’s Lemonade. But most importantly we focused on the powerful partnerships we have with our clients.

In the exhibit:

In our exhibit we had a fun interactive match game that we developed to demonstrate some of the more famous Powerful Partners we all know. From Abercrombie and Fitch to Fred and Wilma and Tiffany and Co. After each match there was a fun fact about each partnership.

If you played our game you received a blue handheld massager… Perfect for those show floor aches and pains we all get. After that you were entered to win our daily drawing of an iPod touch with a Grand Prize drawing for an iPad. Congratulations to all of our winners!

At the show:

For the first time we offered FREE Wifi in the square… something that was never done before. When an attendee accessed our connection they were routed to our Exhibitor Show page which included photos, videos, tweets and information about the show.

For the first time we were also active in the social media arena pre, at and post show. We found this to be extremely useful in determining what interests attendees and to keep up with whats going on.

After the show:

We left the Exhibitor2010 show with a lot of solid leads, great information and a powerful network of connections. Perhaps even more importantly, we were able to forge new relationships using social media during the show, something every exhibitor should be exploring with their attendees.


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