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Dilemma: How do I handle coursework that’s been thrown off course?

September 7, 2011 By Editor

I attended the EXHIBITOR Show and started my coursework toward a CTSM. I now face an extended delay on achieving my degree due to budget reductions and an inability to travel for nonshow reasons. How can I stay current while I wait it out? Any suggestions on “home study” that would help”?

— Cecilia, Trade Show Manager

It’s time to chart your own path

First of all, Cecilia, congratulations on your decision to advance your career through extending your education. While it’s unfortunate your company funds have been cut, there are some things you can do to keep your studies going.

Our readers suggest you:

• Turn to the Internet.
• Travel on the cheap.

Turn to the Internet

Ten or 15 years ago, pursuing an education required your being in a specific place, but the Internet has changed all that.

Yvette Lee, senior trade show/event specialist, gives you sites where you can learn, no matter where you are.

“Join the Exhibitor LinkedIn group. MeCo and MiForum Google groups are also good options for finding out about lots of forums and newsletters that might help you.”

Travel on the cheap

A marketing communications specialist explains how you can overcome a cut in company contributions.

“If travel is the issue, take as many EXHIBITOR eTraks as possible. Also, will your company pay for sessions but not the travel? If so, look for a cheap airfare (or train fare) and try to attend any of the regional sessions. Plus, try to negotiate your hotel accommodations. Good luck!”


  • Cecilia should look into EXHIBITOR FastTrak and attend any sessions held in a location near where she lives. Reading industry magazines and joining industry associations can help her stay current on event and exhibit developments. And participating in online industry groups on LinkedIn can help, too, if she asks questions and uses the answers on her job. When she’s able to go back to formally working on her CTSM, she’ll be surprised how much she’s learned on her own that will enhance her studies.

    Do you have any additional suggestions for Cecilia?

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