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How do you live two lives?

November 4, 2013 By Editor

Work Life Balance Signpost Showing Career And Leisure HarmonyEvery show season, I'm away for days at a time. Answering emails or texts on the show floor is almost impossible, and the hotel Internet service is too expensive for me to Skype with my family. How do other industry professionals manage their home life while on the road?

— Dave, exhibits manager

 Planning and technology can help integrate them

 Being on the road for an extended period of time is hard on any business traveler. But when you have a family, you also worry about how your family’s coping while you’re away.

Our readers offer three options for staying in touch:

  • Prepare for your absence.
  • Find the freebies.
  • Get the most out of your phone.

Prepare for your absence

With some advance planning, you can make the time away from home less stressful for everyone.

Rosanne Lang, events manager at Crestron, explains how she manages travel and a family.

“It helps if you have an awesome spouse, partner or support system to manage home while you’re away. I do lots of prep in advance. Plus, I write notes for my kids and husband and leave them in different places. And I call home once a day.”

Find the freebies

Although a hotel’s Internet service might be convenient, the cost may not justify using it. So, why not get your access elsewhere?

An event planner details places where you can look.

“Why worry about the cost of hotel Internet service? Before you leave home, do an online search for a coffee shop or other establishment near the event that doesn't charge for the service. Or go to your Internet service provider’s website and look for hot spots in the area where you’ll be staying. With either of these options, you can Skype your family and talk ‘face to face’ as long as you like every single day — for free.”

Get the most out of your phone 

Today’s cellphones can be used for much more than just making calls.

A marketing manager explains how you can make the most of your phone.

“A smartphone gives you lots of ways to stay in touch. If you have an iPhone, you can have video chats with FaceTime. With many smartphones, you can use Instagram to post pictures, so your family can share your experiences. Or you can go to YouTube and upload a video to tell your family about your day or how much you miss them. Most phone companies have widespread coverage and don’t charge extra for using any of these options.”



  • “Having a parent gone for days is especially difficult for young children. If Dave has little ones, he should promise he’ll call every evening just before bedtime — and live up to his promise. Talking to his wife on the same call might not be a bad idea either.”

    How do you manage your home life while you’re away on business?

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