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Cleanup on Demo Station Six!

March 10, 2014 By Editor

dilemma-messyMy best show floor demo person is so disorganized it's painful. Her phone battery isn't recharged, she's lost her badge, her demo station is a mess — yet the attendees LOVE her cause she really knows her stuff. What can I do to get her on track? — Jeremy, Events & Promotions Manager

Our readers concur that someone might not be well organized in their personal space, but are excellent with customers and do a fabulous job otherwise. You don't want to lose a valuable asset like this so you have to find other ways to cope. They suggest you should:

  • Focus her attention where it will get the best results – people, not stuff
  • Ask her to make small changes that don't embarrass her

Focus her attention where it will get the best results – people, not stuff

Rob M. says, “It’s always best to utilize your staff where they make the biggest impact. Your co-worker sounds like she may want it that way as well. Discuss her shortcomings so as to minimize any collateral damage and promote her knowledge and contact with those who ‘LOVE' her.”

Harry Hallman, Octane Corp., observes that her mess can detract from her superior presentation skills. “Try to explain that a messy demo area affects the way a customer perceives her. Since she is loved by customers and she obviously cares about them also, it may make her more aware of the mess she leaves.”

He goes on to say, “Assign someone, or do it yourself, to tidy up her station from time to time.”

Ask her to make small changes that don't embarrass her

Mark F. suggests, “Find a nice way to compliment her on her knowledge and presentation ability and the fact that the attendees LOVE her methods but that some of ways may not live up to the company’s image.”

He adds, “If your exhibit hasn't used up your allotment of badges have a spare with her name on it and hand it over playfully.”

Both Harry and Mark advise having a phone charger dedicated to her demo station for the inevitable phone recharge.

Everyone agrees that though being disorganized is not ideal, having a great presenter is more important. “Try to embrace the good in the quirkiness (folks will be folks),” says Mark.

So, our reader's best advice is to bear up and remember Harry's advice: “It is much easier to find a tidy person then it is to find one customers love.”





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