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Stonewalling Stakeholders

August 11, 2014 By Editor

Listen to Me Sign Person Tries to Get Attention in CrowdBill, a conference event planner, asked for advice to get his stakeholders on board with event planning.

“I saw someone posted a dilemma about space envy. Im also having a problem with three of my stakeholders. They say they dont get my emails, forget to come to meetings, and dont return my phone calls. I cant ignore the rest in order to babysit the few. How can I get them to play by the rules?”

Two of our readers offered sage advice to help Bill make his stakeholders part of the team.

It's All About Relationships

You need to cultivate your relationships with those stonewallers – one by one, until you can count them among your allies. My best successes winning them over have come from collaborating on publishing internal case studies that congratulate and acknowledge all the people who contributed – and it becomes noticeable to those who have not that they are not on “the list.” Use whatever internal social tools you have at your disposal and good luck!

— Director of Exhibits & Conferences

Indespensible You

Tell them what's in it for them and make it so they know their attendance and participation is vital to the outcome. Make them feel that their input is valuable — if you make people feel like they are indispensible and a key factor, they will respond…

—   Events Manager

Recalcitrant stakeholders are the nightmare of every event marketer. You need their good will and their commitment to move that complicated machine called “conference” from start to finish. Any further advice for Bill D.? Add your comments in the box below.


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