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Light Motifs – A new outfit for your room

September 3, 2014 By Editor

Sound and Vision Impressions Made in Germany

These versatile light motifs offer limitless ways to transform a room: why not dive into the depths of the ocean, take a stroll through green woodland, or gaze into a bright starlit sky? Light motifs can be used in any room, can be installed in all existing ceilings or walls, are easily replaced by new motifs and can be combined with a computer-controlled sound collage. They are only 190 mm deep, so only a little ceiling height is lost. The dazzle-free LED lights are low-maintenance, completely dimmable and in line with German fire protection class B1, so are ideal for use in stores and showrooms.

Barrierefrei_1 Behinderten_0710 Damen_0415 Damen_0419 Herren_0488 Herren_0514


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