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ARCHIVES: November 2014

Feature—SMB* Events Management: How to Develop an Effective Program

Posted on November 26, 2014 in Features

by Christopher Dwyer, Ardent Partners

Editor’s Note:
To develop a balanced viewpoint, it’s important to look at a topic from all sides. We are accustomed to viewing event and exhibit programs from a marketer’s POV. Guest author, Christopher Dwyer, evaluates these programs from procurement’s point of view. And his analyses could point the way to better understanding between these two important business areas.

The modern *small- or medium-sized business (SMB) has faced a consistent issue over the years in regards to two of these complex spend categories. To start, business travel is a must; every organization, regardless of size or stature or location, must travel to spur business development and outreach with key clients, customers, and other organizations. And, travel’s “sister” category, meetings and events, are also a necessary function of how the average organization connects with the business world.

At CPO Rising, we’ve taken the time over the past year to highlight the various components of modern complex spend management. Each spend category within this greater banner (travel, meetings, contingent labor, print / marketing materials, etc.) presents its own set of specific challenges, pressures, and strategies. While there are general capabilities and competencies that fit into any program across these strategic spend categories, an enterprise’s size heavily plays into how category-specific programs are developed, executed, and managed. [Read more…]

5 ways being too nice can hurt you

Posted on November 10, 2014 in Your Career

from Inc. You’ve worked hard to make sure you didn’t fall into that terrifying boss stereotype, but have you considered some of the ways being too nice actually restricts you from accomplishing some goals? Make sure to avoid these common pitfalls of the kind manager. […]

7 things you need to know now about events

Posted on November 10, 2014 in Events & Meetings

BizBash During the Event Innovation Forum in New York City, creative minds gathered from all across the event management spectrum to talk about some of the things managers should be cognizant of. From understanding attendees to worrying about how your Instagram looks, knowing these notable […]

Unsere klassische Martinsgans

Posted on November 3, 2014 in News from MC2 Europe

(Our Classic St. Martin’s Goose) All over Europe people know that the feast of St. Martin’s is a bad time – if you happen to be a goose. On November 11 it’s traditional to dine on a fresh crisply- roasted goose, preferably served with potato […]