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Your Advice for “Position for Promotion”

November 9, 2014 By Editor

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-businesswoman-starting-blocks-briefcase-image29665067I've been an exhibit manager for 3 years. I both love it and hate it. I love the rush of the show floor. I hate the inexorable details and deadlines. I want to move up and am working on my CTSM, but I can see that another colleague wants the promotion I feel I should get. I need a strategy. Has anyone been in a similar position?
– Dolores, Exhibit Manager


Here's what our readers say:

Rita Brooks, CTSM Gold, advises:
Dolores, if you have not already, start putting together a personal portfolio (I call it my arsenal) of pictures of exhibits, notes on accomplishments, any thank you letters or notes you have received from anyone regarding your business life, classes taken, self improvement – basically anything that says “look at me and what I have done for you” and “why I should have this promotion”. It could be hard copy, digital copy and/or both. You have to market yourself within your company as well as outside the company.

Tony Gibson, Employee Events Manager, Chickasaw Nation writes:
Besides enjoying the opportunity to work with amazing teammates, I've been blessed because of the association, too. Sometimes I'm credited for at least surrounding myself with the best of the best. And occasionally, I'm credited for the end results as well when, in fact, it really was a team effort.

So…my advice is to stick close to those around you who are perceived as successful. It seems to rub off! The other thing that serves me well over the years is to do some of my boss's job when that is possible. All any manager wants really is someone to help make their job easier and more enjoyable.

And one final little (important) thing for me was to dress for the job I wanted and not the job that I had. Perception IS reality! So try to LOOK as professional as you can stand it – even when it's uncomfortable. I'm always glad when one of those little impromptu meetings comes along and I LOOK as if I were prepared – even when it isn't so. It doesn't take very long Dolores before our reputation precedes us.

Be careful using personal pronouns like ‘I' too often. Sometimes we read things into a statement that are not intended just because of a negative perception with them. When credit is given where credit is due, it always comes back to you. Think of it as an investment not only in your own future, but that of others as well. I sure could relate with the love/hate relationship and our role in events. Seems like I love and hate the very same things about my role—just on different days…

These readers have excellent advice for Dolores. Do you agree? Add your comments below.



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