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What’s an Idea Factory?

May 8, 2015 By Editor
An Idea Factory

MC2 Europe's Idea Factory at our Düsseldorf offices.


“Ideas deserve freedom!” thought MC2 Europe. So we set new standards for creative brand presentation.

And because ideas need room to grow too, the MC2 premises on Forststrasse in Düsseldorf, Germany now include the Ideenwerkstatt—an “ideas workshop,” a place that serves as an internal “laboratory,” where creative spirits can be let loose and run free.

This is not about familiar, conventional working methods. It’s about trying out and leveling new creative paths. It’s about giving clients a presentation that is always special and appropriate to the market and the brand.

This kind of approach calls for two “non rules.” The first involves the suspension of all rigid methods in order to introduce artistic freedom and new thinking. The second requires the establishment of creative teams with members from different disciplines. The team set-up can change each time, depending on the requirements of the individual task. Teams can include architects, designers, copywriters, advertising strategists, artists, even students from nearby schools and colleges. They all contribute—in brainstorming sessions or in workshops with the client—to identifying so far undiscovered working methods and techniques. They can identify trends and even shape them.

For more than 30 years MC2 Europe has been a trendsetter and driving force, translating brands into three-dimensional “worlds of experience.” In so doing we have always been on the lookout for new energy sources. This is almost a kind of occupational disease. Because, unlike classic architecture, the trade fair business must react directly and immediately to any change.

But with our Ideenwerkstatt, MC2 Europe is going one step further. We aren't just reacting to change, but together with our clients we want to use unusual means to look into the future and help generate new business fields. Because this is what it’s all about: To be convincing in tomorrow’s markets using ideas drawn from the day after tomorrow!


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