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Why we Germans love vacationing in Germany

July 7, 2015 By Editor

nachhaltig_zsFor many decades, Germans have been keen travelers. That hasn’t changed, but today we increasingly ask ourselves if it’s worth flying to faraway places when there are so many great attractions to be found at home. Less than a third of our vacation trips are to destinations outside Germany – quite surprising considering our location in the heart of Europe and how easy it is to travel to neighboring countries, where the weather is often better. So what makes Germany so attractive as a holiday destination for us Germans?

People speak our language

There are no language barriers. Getting around is not a problem, yet regional dialects and habits still vary enough to make communication difficult sometimes. That exciting touch of “foreignness” is still guaranteed.

We can eat what we want

Whether we long for Indian, Italian, Greek or Chinese food, restaurants serving international cuisine can be found all over the country. The whole world is at home in Germany’s kitchens, so wherever we go we can eat what we want – including, of course, excellent regional German cuisine.

It’s a fun place to be

We don’t want everyone to know, but secretly the supposedly humorless Germans have changed radically. Germany is the country with the largest number of local festivals, and some of the biggest too.

There’s no speed limit

We don’t like to be told what (not) to do. Maybe that’s why ours is the only country with no speed limit on its freeways.

 Everything’s checked for safety

In Germany almost everything is quality controlled. Whether it’s a luxury hotel or a privately run bed and breakfast, a country restaurant or the hiking trail to get there – everything’s been tested and rated.

Germany is full of riches

Germany is proud of the priceless cultural treasures housed in its 6,500 museums. And Germany’s many UNESCO world heritage sites make it one of the most important European countries in terms of cultural heritage.

Germany is very hikeable

With its 97 nature parks, 14 national parks and 14 biosphere reserves, Germany is one of the top European destinations for active, outdoor vacations.

It’s good value for money

Spending a vacation in Germany saves expensive airfares. And Germany has an excellent network of small family-run hotels and other accommodation, so affordable places to stay can be found in every region.

Incidentally, our second most popular place to spend a vacation is still the Spanish island of Majorca. In the 2015 summer season 43 percent of all island bookings were to this destination. This is no surprise. Majorca is also known as the ‘German Island’, so in a way it too feels like vacationing at home…


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