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The ‘Anomaly’ of smart technology

September 7, 2015 By Editor

Imagine being surrounded by walls of glass and by the touch of a finger you’re ‘transported’ to another room. Futuristic, right? Not so much. In fact, this is exactly what Russell Reich, Chief Strategy Officer at MC2 envisioned for Bell Laboratories.

What was initially conceived as a lounge located in New Providence, New Jersey, was transformed into a room based on sharing, conferencing and symbiotic functional abilities. The room, which is referred to as “The Anomaly,” is a 24-foot wide, 18-foot deep area featuring a 4k touch sensitive video wall and three other smart-glass walls. It’s more than a room – it’s a 360-degree view concept containing a unique platform for experience.

BellLabs_Anomaly2015-03Reich explained that Bell Laboratories range of research is so large that researchers in one area often don’t know what’s going on in another part of the lab. With The Anomaly, individuals can experience what their colleagues are exploring. Reich feels that this could be expanded for laboratories throughout the world to communicate with one another.

But why is this so important?

According to Reich, humans will help computers get better, and computers will get better at augmenting human needs and interactions. The technology around us will become more embedded and transparent and will recognize us and anticipate and support our needs in the spaces we occupy. Once we hit that mark, we will no longer have to hit a button to let technology know we’re interested in using it. We just have to simply arrive on scene and technology will take over and do the rest–no interface or prior knowledge needed. It’s a world of smart technology that’s continuously growing and one that businesses will eventually include as part of their business operations.

Still on the fence? Here are some ways smart technology can benefit your business:

  • Technology matters. Technology is growing at a tremendously rapid rate and is a fixture in the lives of this generation. iPhones have become a staple for the average individual for one reason: it takes the imagination to another level than what meets the eye. The average cell phone is no longer just a device to make phone calls, but a world of its own. A touchscreen. Voice automated response. Advanced technology that combines interaction is a selling point. You get this and so much more within a smart room, which provides a peak at the future world beyond the individual smart device.
  • Experience is key. As a result of the consumer gaming technology, today’s generation places strong importance on the quality of the immersive experience of a brand, service, or product. Smart rooms are smart because, ultimately, they as invisible as possible so that visitors are noticing and remembering what they learned, thought and felt about your brand, and not thinking about the space or finishes or furnishings in which those experiences occur.
  • Competitive advantage. Obtaining this newer source of technology is an investment into a company’s future and technology to come. As a company, it’s consistently important to differentiate yourself from the competition. Utilizing smart rooms will separate your brand from other corporate communication platforms and place a company a step ahead of the rest.

BellLabs_Anomaly2015-01With these advantages, smart rooms will revolutionized structure, and catapult the right business to a new level. No matter what stages you are in the planning process of the possible smart room joining your company, remember that it will never be too late. Technology is growing with us, and although it may become smarter, it will always be right there to guide you along the way.

Case Study: Bell Labs: The Anomaly, MC2 creates an immersive experience worthy of Noble Prize-winning scientists

The Anomaly has won a Best in Class award from Horizon Interactive. See the entry video here on Vimeo.


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