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One Minute With…Mike Vant Hoogt

October 12, 2015 By Editor


Grand-Scale Production

Mike has literally climbed the ladder of the experiential marketing industry beginning his career as a bench mechanic who was promoted to shop foreman with consequential promotions to field service supervisor, production manager and general manager before joining MC2 as vice president. His 19 years of industry knowledge and expertise make him a vital part of the MC2's operations group.

The MC2 company-wide team recently constructed an experience on a massive scale for the Canon Expo, so we talked to him about working on grand-scale productions.

eConnections: As the VP of Operations for MC2 Northeast, what have been the most rewarding experiences you’ve had overseeing one of the busiest regions in the world?

Michael Vant Hoogt: I have had many rewarding experiences and it would be very easy to talk about the large-scale projects that have been produced for Canon, Samsung, Toyota and others. “Rewarding” is listening to how some of our smaller clients feel about the service that we provide for them and how they feel like one of the blue chip companies.

eC: Could you give us just one example of rewarding on a large scale?

M: Fabricating a 28,000 sf exhibit for Samsung at CES in 16 days. Using the total resources of the company to get this produced and delivered on time.

eC: For the Canon Expo in New York City, you developed a gigantic production that included 275,000 square feet of space and 4 1/2 miles of structure. How do you pull off such an immense, complicated project in just a few weeks?

M: Surrounding myself with a dedicated staff of professionals who understand what it takes to get the job done and do what is necessary to bring to completion.

eC: What areas of professional expertise are needed most for a project like this?

M: There was a tremendous effort on behalf of the drafting department as well as the project management staff to disseminate the information coming from the client. Providing actionable information so that the fabrication shops could manufacture what was needed to complete the exhibit. This was a total group effort by all involved.

eC: You’ve become an expert in large-scale projects. What are some of the biggest challenges with production at such a large scale, and how would someone tasked with producing one of their own benefit from using a company like MC2 to help?

M: I would say one of the biggest challenges to producing a large-scale project is understanding the deliverables and developing a plan that will allow you to execute while still being nimble enough to roll with the changes. MC2 has an impressive network of manufacturing facilities that function as a unit of one to bring large-scale projects to completion. Our can-do attitude and customer-first mentality is second to none.


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