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4 ways to stop call interruptions for crystal clear lines

April 5, 2016 By Editor

redphone_8516021Follow these 4 simple rules to easily avoid echo, static, background noise and unwanted call interruptions.

1. Reduce Background Noise: Join your call from somewhere quiet. Background noise from busy street traffic or brainstorming co-workers can have a huge, distracting impact on your call.

2. Cut the Static: Cell phones can still suffer from spotty service and static in some locations. To avoid this, use a landline to join your call and you’ll never have to deal with a bad connection again.

3. Avoid Interruptions: Ask your callers to mute themselves by pressing *6 – by making sure everyone but the current speaker is muted you’ll be able to avoid so many more interruptions.

4. Ban Echo: Most call echo comes from your microphone picking up audio from your surrounding environment. To avoid this, keep the volume on your speakers down, ensure they are pointed away from your microphone, or try using a combination microphone and speaker designed for conference calls.

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