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Wireless Provider Gogo Connects to Attendees at AIX in Hamburg

June 1, 2016 By Editor


The American communications provider Gogo Inc. wanted a clear and fresh presentation of its services. The presentation should be hands-on, a practical confirmation of the theoretical.

Using a combination of large eye-catching graphics and digital elements, MC² presented the information based on the claim “Connecting aviation from earth to orbit”, which made for a convincing visual demonstration of what Gogo’s special services can offer. Everything was presented in cheerful Gogo style, which made it accessible at a glance and gave it a strong presence. The bright and colorful design and the open communication lounge contributed architecturally to the positive atmosphere and encouraged meetings and dialogue.

gogo_AIX_036-1024Parallel to the fair, MC² put on a very special four-day event during which Gogo’s guests were taken on test flights from Hamburg Airport. While on board they had the chance to experience Gogo’s innovative wireless service, thus bringing the company’s claim to life.

Sector Commercial Aviation
Fair Aircraft Interiors Expo, Hamburg
Area 279 m²


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