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Is Face-to-Face Marketing Old School?

December 12, 2016 By Editor

Is face-to-face marketing old school

Join the debate as to whether digital marketing is overpowering and surpassing traditional marketing or not. What is the big difference between these two anyway? Are there any real advantages to digital over face-to-face?

It all comes down to your customer and their experience. Whether their experience can be bettered, heightened, and made more promising as a means to path to purchase by using traditional marketing methods, by employing digital tactics or by crafting a combination of both should guide the integrated marketing strategy. It's clearly important to engage customers wherever they are.

Digital marketing has become front and center over the last five years according to CEIR's Digital Toolkit. Used well, digital enhances attendee marketing effectiveness, maximizes cost-savings and is a mechanism for attendee engagement throughout the event lifecycle and beyond.

While CEIR's Changing Environment of Exhibitions Study finds a 40 per cent increase of brand marketers participating in trade shows/exhibitions than in previous years indicating that real-time interaction is on the rise.

Both face-to-face and digital marketing tactics can help you be more customer focused and stay ahead of the competition, if your marketing strategy includes them in the proper proportions.

Integrated marketing strategy is becoming more and more complex as technology driven environments merge with traditional marketing.

What is the right mix of traditional and social media, digital, direct response, mobile, etc.?

“Is Face-toFace Marketing Old School” looks at the current thinking on integrated marketing communications and the challenges of digital transformation and determines that everything old is in fact, new again.


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