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2 Big Trends for Product Marketing

January 17, 2017 By Editor

2 Big Trends for Product Marketing

Unique product or not, the way you market creates the distinction between your product vs. their product. Some of the best marketers keep one eye fixed firmly towards the future of product marketing. Keeping a step ahead, these marketers are ready to engage the next big thing. But how do you focus on the future when buried in today? To do this, check out these two big trends for product marketing that won’t break the bank and prove to your audience that your product is THE product to have.

Virtual Reality: A Bold New Frontier

By far, one of the most technologically advanced and immersive ways to market your product has to do with the advancements that have been recently made in virtual reality. In recent years, virtual reality technology hasn't just come down in price significantly (these days, just about anyone with a smartphone has what they need to get a virtual environment off the ground sooner rather than later), but it's also become highly enveloping at the same time.

Do you have a big trade show coming up but can't necessarily bring your product to the show floor in the way that you want? In a short amount of time back at the office, you can set up an entire virtual environment for people to explore during the event that is just as effective as real life. Consider the fact that even apartment complexes are using virtual reality to give people tours of available apartments without prospective tenants ever leaving their homes or stepping away from their computers. The future of marketing your products digitally is here and virtual reality plays an important role in it.

Big Data and the Art of Hyper-Personalization

An increasingly large challenge for marketers is just how complex the purchasing decision has become. Today's customer purchase behavior is more complex than ever, which can make contacting the right people in the right way at the right time increasingly difficult.

As a result, you can demonstrate your product's capabilities by actually embracing complexity with open arms. Instead of looking at the customer journey as a burden, look at it as a benefit and let big data be your guide. Big data and marketing analytics tools make it possible for even small businesses to personalize the customer's purchasing journey.

You're not just making contact at the right time – you're speaking to people in the way they want to be spoken to. You're treating each customer individually in a much more intimate and powerful way. You're also saving money at the same time through things like marketing automation. It really is a “best of both worlds” scenario that doesn't just let you demonstrate your product's capabilities – it allows you to demonstrate how your customer wants to experience it.





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