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Achieve Your Goals with an Exhibit Plan Workout

January 24, 2017 By Editor

AchieveYourGoalsWithAnExhibitPlanWorkoutCongratulations! December 31 is long gone, the year-end has ended, your budget numbers are in and your goals are set for the year. By now, many of you have hit the ground running and are in the midst of your show schedule, others are catching a well-deserved breath of fresh air. Either way, you have a pretty good idea of where you stand and where you are going – but do you?

These next few weeks are the perfect opportunity to reflect on the fitness of your exhibit program. Ask yourself: How well did last year's plan work out? How will your program measure up toward your new or established goals?

By following a steady exhibit plan routine, or predetermined Trade Show Assessment workout, you’ll gain the strength and agility to look at your program from a different strategic angle providing you the answers to the right questions fast and easily.

Dig Into the Numbers as You Receive Them

If you are vigilant during the year and journaling as you go, you will gain a host of different metrics that you can use to grade your exhibit plan as it is in full swing along with its ultimate effectiveness.

Items easily identifiable:

  • Number of surveys completed
  • Number of surveys leads captured
  • Number of badge scans throughout the exhibit
  • What kind of literature (print and digital) was requested
  • Percentage of growth (over last year’s event)
  • Per show expenses (rentals, exhibit space, drayage, transportation, etc.)
  • Overall attendance at the show
  • Visitors resulting from pre-show mailings
  • Information requests by topic

Now, look at each one of these numbers and ask yourself some questions:

  • What can be learned from the survey? More international visitors? Gave up their (real) email addresses? Indicated their role in their company?
  • How do all these metrics inform your plan?
  • What could be done differently?
  • Are these numbers important to my long-term goals?

Break each one of your metrics down into its own individual parts. Examine them from a program management point of view. Then will you be able to unlock the actionable information you need to be able to invigorate, strengthen a healthy exhibit program this year and prep for next year as well.


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