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Getting the Most From Your I&D Team

February 28, 2017 By Editor

Power of Your Installation Crew

Your I&D crew is and will always be among the most valuable assets you have during any trade show or event launch. Yet even with the best crew in the business, you need to lead and be prepared. To get the most out of your I&D team on the show floor, here are a few essential tips to keep in mind.

Confidence Makes a Leader

First thing's first: the absolute best way to get the most from your team on the show floor is to remember that you're a leader in every sense of the term. This doesn't just mean delegating responsibility – this means being someone that others naturally turn to. Your I&D team will have questions and you need to make sure you have the knowledge and authority to answer them. Every exhibit installation faces challenges, but this isn't solely the responsibility of your I&D crew—it's yours, too. You need to be present and willing to provide the direction to handle anything the install happens to throw at you.

Trade shows are a naturally high stakes environment, which is why it is essential for you to remain calm and courteous under pressure. If you start to freak out, you will lose credibility—your attitude will infect the rest of the team. Make an effort to learn everyone's names. It will be appreciated and your crew will respond accordingly.

The Communication Plan is just as important as the Drawings

The importance of always being clear and concise on the show floor cannot be overstated. Nobody knows your trade show exhibit or event plan better than you do, but you need a team to build it.

Keep things simple, be as clear and as concise as you possibly can be to make sure not only that your installation crew understands the procedure, but all involved adheres to it to.

To ensure the smoothest installation of your booth or event, every exhibit manager or event planner needs to communicate to the I&D crew who are in the positions of authority. It is up to you to know exactly who the onsite team needs to seek out in the event that they have any questions. The I&D teams know your exhibit or event, they know who you are and are capable of planning for anything, but there will always still be something that happens that just can't be predicted. If you're not around, they need to know who is in a position of authority to go to in order to get the guidance they need to make fast-paced decisions for the best results. Ensure that this plan is communicated before the move-in date and when onsite, make sure they know who and when to call on you or your backups.

With a thorough communications plan and a cracker-jack installation crew, you are on your way to a terrific trade show experience.


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