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5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Annual Sales Meeting

May 30, 2017 By Editor

Annual Sales Meeting

Your annual sales meeting is important, no question. But that doesn't prevent it from getting stale. Part of a successful sales meeting involves not just keeping everyone on the same page, but keeping everyone engaged. If you really want to keep your fidgety sales team engaged, here are a few key things to try.

  • Get a Dynamic Theme

In many ways, keeping your sales meeting fresh is all about setting the tone. An inspiring theme can do that. According to Tom Snyder of VorsightBP in a piece that originally ran on MindTickle.com, it's important to pick a theme that will “align very carefully to what success is. If that success is about motivation, then we want a theme that sounds like that and that we will recognize what motivation is going to look like when that meeting is over.” Try working with your event producer to develop a theme that will work throughout the meeting and into the coming year as well.

  • Switch Up the Venue

A change in environment can provide a jolt of energy for your meeting. If you know your annual sales meeting has gotten stale, change up where that meeting is held to a fresh, new location. It's a perfect way to pep up your meeting (and the staff), telegraphing a sense of enthusiasm an excitement that will carry though the whole meeting.

  • Re-Think Your Agenda

A sales meeting isn't just about sales — it's an opportunity for people to catch up, for people to expand their expertise, collaborate and more. Use the following questions to shape a more targeted agenda.

  • What, specifically, are you trying to accomplish during your sales meeting?
  • What topics do you want to cover? In what ways are you going to do that?
  • Why are you all there in the first place?
  • What would happen if you DIDN'T have a sales meeting? Would everything change, or would nothing change at all?

Let the answers to these questions point the way to a better agenda than you've had in years past. Try crowd sourcing your agenda. In other words, let your sales people tell you what will inspire and educate them at their annual meeting. Then Build an agenda that will get you from the beginning of the meeting to the end while hitting all of their sign posts along the way.

  • Create an Experience That People Won't Forget

Don't limit your thinking about your sales meeting to just the meeting itself – think about all aspects of it. From people who are flying in to hotel check-ins and more, look for ways to delight and surprise people before and after they enter the room.

  • Engaging Guest Speakers

Finally, take the opportunity to bring in someone from outside your organization to talk a little bit about important topics that attendees care about. It's a great way to really change things up a bit – they're getting a chance to hear a first person point of view on a topic they're interested in during a time where they may not have expected it. Leading off with a guest speaker is also a great way to set the tone not just for the rest of the meeting, but for your larger agenda as well.

Feel free to re-visit some specifics on crowd sourcing conference content. Read more here…



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