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What We Learned About The Future of Exhibiting

May 5, 2017 By Editor

Future of Exhibiting Survey

Back in 2010, MC² asked a group of exhibit marketers to share their views on what the future of exhibiting should be. They responded emphatically: more standardization, better understanding and respect for the role of exhibit manager and marketer, an acute awareness that the power of technology holds the visitor experience.

Time went by, the economy changed, trade shows started to grow again, and, in 2016, we decided to ask those same questions again. This time to a new generation of exhibit marketers.

What was the state of the industry from the exhibit manager's point of view? Was their wish list fulfilled? Had, in fact, exhibiting become friendlier?

Request our report “What We Learned About The Future of Exhibiting” and find out what other event marketers are saying about the future of the industry.

MC² would like to thank everyone who took the time and effort to respond to this survey. We hope that these results will spur us all to demanding — and implementing — the changes we believe will improve the exhibiting experience.


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