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Every Booth Staffer Needs a Goal  

June 19, 2017 By Editor

Booth staff goals

When it comes to your overall trade show strategy, success can be defined less on accomplishing one big goal and more about acing a series of little ones.

You have to get things set up by a certain time. You want to make contact with X number of new leads per day. You want to be able to increase closure rate by 100%. You want to increase your overall return on investment by 50% by the end of the show. These smaller goals, when taken together, add up to something much more powerful than any one goal alone.

This is the same approach you should adopt when it comes to delegating responsibility to booth staffers at your trade show. While they should all be focused on contributing to the overall goals, you still need to assign their own unique goals for these compelling reasons.

It Shows You Trust Them

Give someone a specific task that they have to accomplish during the show. This telegraphs that obviously they're the best person for the job or you would have given it to someone else.

It Plays to Their Strengths

Give each booth staffer a person-specific goal. Everyone has their own unique strengths; things that they can do better than anyone else. Play to those strengths whenever possible. You're incorporating what makes that person unique into your overall strategy for the show.

It Maintains Forward Momentum

All of this combines into the most important benefit of all: Forward momentum. Trade shows are all about moving forward and when people have their own unique goals to work on, you're making sure that the train keeps running regardless of the circumstances. Everyone is always working. Everyone is always contributing in their own particular ways. With that accomplished, you can create a situation where having the best show possible is well within your reach.


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