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The Coolest Giveaways on the Market Right Now

June 6, 2017 By Editor


Promo items and giveaways are the almost perfect branding opportunity — they're relatively cheap, people can't get enough of them, and they put your company name in front of someone long after that trade show ends. But, when deciding on your next freebie, you always want to make an effort to be, well, as cool or unique as possible. To separate yourself from the rest of the pack. With that in mind, here's our list of the coolest and most unusual giveaways on the market right now.

figet spinner and figet cubeSpinners and Fidget Cubes    

For people that have a hard time keeping their hands still and are looking for ways to channel that nervous energy, fidget spinners and fidget cubes are just about the most popular trend there is right now.

These interesting little toys let you spin and play with them with your fingers, while your mind is focused on something else. Many include switches and buttons that you can click or press. Putting a logo on one of these and giving them away isn't just a great branding opportunity—it might actually help someone quit smoking!

Health tip: A branded fidget spinner might actually help someone quit smoking! Click To Tweet

Power Banks

With so many mobile devices out there, “all-day” battery life has become a problem. A branded power bank is a great way to solve the problem and make sure your prospect has your logo with them all day long, too.

If you really want to take things to the next level, try experimenting with a custom-shaped power bank or a power bank kit that includes the bank itself and all of the necessary cables needed for when they upgrade to a new device in the future.

Cell Phone Fans

A cramped venue is often a hot venue, which means that your prospects will love a tiny, portable fan that plugs directly into their smartphone. Let them bring cool air with them whenever or wherever they need it — they'll definitely thank you for it, maybe even with a sale.

Not awesome enough? Here are a few more really cool favorites:

Custom Shaped Earbuds

Everyone needs earbuds and giving away a set with a custom shape is a great way to offer something functional and unique at the same time. Just make sure you also include an adapter if you're giving away a set designed for iOS devices. Don't forget that the iPhone 7 dropped the headphone jack in favor of the lightning port.

Insulated Mugs

Trade show attendees essentially live off of a healthy mixture of coffee and cold drinks both on and off the show floor. With an insulated mug, you can help them keep things cold for up to 24 hours and keep that morning cup of Joe hot for up to 12 hours.

usbCustom Shaped USB Drives

A USB drive will never stop being functional as long as our computers still have a port for them.  Many people seem to now have a lot of them, however, relying on a custom shape USB drive will not only differentiate your company, but will ensure that your attendee will more likely use yours over a plain competitor's issued drive.

Cordless Mice

A cordless mouse for your computer is one of those things that you don't realize how much you need one until you use it, at which point you HAVE to have it. Let your prospects break free from a world of wires, both for now and for all time.


Resource:  Barry Sokol, Purple Lizards Promotion


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