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A Trade Show Secret That Can Impact Your Personal Brand

August 31, 2017 By Editor

Trade Show Secret That Can Impact Your Personal Brand

Trade shows are essential for building corporate brand awareness, increasing lead generation and forging stronger relationships.

But there’s another not-so-well-known reason why trade shows can be essential. Successful trade show exhibits have the capability to enhance your personal brand — and your career.

At a trade show, every challenge that you overcome, every problem that you solve, every dollar in your budget that you can make as powerful as $10 or $100, reflects on your abilities as an exhibit professional.

Sure, trade show attendees are primarily concerned with the products or services that your company selling, but there’s also another audience evaluating your performance. Your peers, the competition and VIP clients, prospects and your own company’s management are seeing you in action.

From a certain perspective, a trade show can be akin to a massive opportunity for career advancement. Every time you go out of your way to be friendly, helpful or knowledgeable to anyone at the show, you're making a networking contact that can be useful as you move towards your ultimate career goals. Any time you show leadership, management skills, diplomacy or quick thinking in crisis, you are advertising your value as an exhibit professional. In a sense, you are generating leads for yourself.

Whether it’s before your peers, competitors, or the upper management of your own company, you’ll never be in such a position to display your skills, experience and knowledge in real time as during the show itself. And you'll never find so many potential leads (read opportunities for advancement) in one place anywhere else.

All you have to do is slightly shift your perspective and understand that what you're really doing while promoting your exhibit is the most basic task of all—promoting yourself.


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