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Building Your Personal Brand

October 23, 2017 By Editor

Personal Brand

As a hard-working exhibit manager and event planner, creating brand awareness is large part of what you do on a daily basis. You don't just put on a show with every event you manage – you're an expert in orchestrating the positive impressions that stick with people long after the show is over.

But there may be one brand that you're not paying enough attention to. And that is your own. Building your own personal brand is more than worth the effort for a number of reasons.

  1. Enhance your career growth

A personal brand is not only who you are, but crafting how you want to be perceived by others. Many of these perceptions are superficial, but support more subtle brand characteristics important for your goals. Some suggestions:

  • A confident, put-together image
  • A good vocabulary
  • Writing skills
  • An up to date profile on LinkedIn
  • Pursuing continuing education in your field
  1. Gain the respect of your peers

Developing your personal brand can put you in the spotlight. So, providing examples of how you want to be perceived can mean…

  • How you act in public
  • Authoring articles for internal publications
  • Having a personal page on LinkedIn (with followers!)
  1. Capture the attention of upper management

Standing out in a crowd is one goal of personal branding. Being consistent, insightful and timely are some others. But a sure way to reach upper management’s heart is to be …

  • Show initiative
  • Exhibit leadership
  • Be able to talk C-Suite – Be concise, compelling and cost-conscious
  1. Create industry eminence

Your career is your life. And the industry you work in is part of that life. Your personal brand will gain luster if you devote time and energy to that industry. Here are a few ideas:

  • Visibility in industry groups
  • Participating in industry charities
  • Authoring articles
  • Uncovering speaking opportunities
  • Willingness to join industry association committees

No one can do all these things at once. Building your personal brand is an ongoing effort. With persistence, building your personal brand helps you with salary and title rewards. Your effort feeds back into the larger organizational brand that you represent and the company you work for.


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