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How the iPhone X Can Impact Your Next Event

November 10, 2017 By Editor

iPhone X

Apple's iPhone X represents a massive shift in terms of smartphone technology – but it also means big things for trade show exhibitors everywhere, too. With the ability to shoot 4K resolution video natively, along with onboard augmented reality features and more, there has perhaps never been a more affordable way for exhibitors to leave a lasting impression on those who visit their displays. The iPhone X can impact your next event as the new favorite tool for exhibitors for a number of compelling reasons.

4K Video Anytime, Anywhere

One of the major benefits of smartphone technology has long been the way that it allows you to increase audience engagement at an event – even for people who aren't physically in the building. The iPhone X is poised to take this idea to the next level, as the onboard camera now offers true 4K video recording at 24, 30 or 60 frames per second.

Not only is 4K a significantly higher resolution than HD, but 24 frames per second is perfect for generating that “film like” look while 30 and 60 frames per second gives everything a striking fluidity that mimics natural movement.

From the perspective of an exhibitor, this is a major advantage. You can use stunningly detailed social posts to bring your booth to life in incredible detail, even online. This can be a great way to catch the eye of attendees who happen to be browsing the web, driving them right to your exhibit.

The Focus is Now on Augmented Reality

With the iPhone X (and the recently released iPhone 8 and 8 Plus), Apple has made a bet on augmented reality in a big way. Make no mistake: nobody stands to benefit from it more than you do because it is now easier than ever to create a special, AR-driven booth experience.

Thanks to both the hardware mechanics of the iPhone X, along with the availability of ARKit (Apple's AR content creation tool), it is now incredibly easy to add augmented reality components to nearly any presentation – even if you don't have years of design experience under your belt or don't have the funds in your budget to outsource this task to a third party.

Even Apple's own iPhone X launch event was a terrific example of this – testers came up to a blank table and used the AR functionality to really experience what the phone could offer using little more than the handset itself. The fact that your exhibit uses the iPhone X could literally become an attractor in and of itself.

The iPhone X is certainly not the first smartphone to offer these and other types of features, nor will it be the last. However, it's important to note that this will likely be the most popular smartphone that Apple has ever released – meaning that you're going to be seeing a lot more of them over the next year. Starting to take full advantage of all the features it brings to the table now won't just increase engagement with trade show attendees, but it will also allow you to establish yourself as a forward-thinking, tech-savvy exhibitor.


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