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What a Sales Team Can Expect at a Trade Show

December 8, 2017 By Editor

What a Sales Team Can Expect at a Trade Show

Any member of a sales team who has never been to an actual trade show before needs to understand that sales on the show floor are unlike sales back at the office or on the road. To help a key salesperson adjust to show floor selling keep three things in mind.

There Will Be Many More People Than You Expect

One of the essential things that you can do for someone about to go through their first trade show experience involves getting them ready for the sheer volume of people that they'll interact with. They may have had the impression it’s all pool time and golf games, but it’s just not like that anymore.

Make it clear that they're going to have to interact with people in a way that they won't be used to—face-to-face interaction amidst a sea of people. Your sales staff members will have to cut through all the noise and focus like they never have before. After all, the sales process can be slow and over the course of multiple conversations. On the show floor, this is accelerated 10 times over.  And while sales execs carefully choose the prospects they want to engage, a trade show is open to all comers. Sales needs to distinguish quickly between engaged leads and “tire kickers.”

The Sensory Overload Will Be Greater Than You Expect

Salespeople may have an idea of the amount of “hustle and bustle” a trade show produces, but the reality of the situation is even greater. Someone's senses are essentially going to be bombarded all day, every day. To say that it can quickly prove to be overwhelming is something of an understatement. As someone with experience, help salespeople who are new to exhibiting cut through the noise and stay focused and on track.

Think of it this way. There may be 10,000 people on the show floor right now, but 9,999 of them do not matter. The only person that matters is the one that they are currently engaged with. If they focus all of their attention there, everything else will just melt away. It won't be nearly as overwhelming as they might expect.

It Will Be Better Than You Expect

In the end, however, the most important way to help guide sales execs through their very first trade show experience is also the most straightforward. Trade shows are an adrenaline rush and high energy sales people can thrive in this atmosphere and close more deals and meet more contacts in a few days than they can in months of prospecting.

Attendees want to be sold to and now the sales team gets a chance to do so in person. There is a gratification in that so satisfying that your sales team just might become addicted to the rush of being on the floor for many shows to come.


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