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It’s Not Enough to Just Reach New Attendees — You Have to Woo Them

March 8, 2018 By Editor

It's Not Enough to Just Reach New Attendees — You Have to Woo Them

Your audience is constantly changing. More specifically, they’re getting younger. It’s true in just about every industry you can think of, and we need to consider this when strategizing plans to woo new trade show attendees.

A recent study revealed that 73% of B2B buyers are at involved in purchasing decisions, and that number will continue to grow over the next few years. The younger generation is starting to transition from standing on the sidelines to making decisions. Therefore, if we want to reach and engage this new audience, we need to start making decisions with them in mind.

Show Them You're Worth Caring About

The best way to capture the attention of new attendees is by showing that they have a connection to your brand, particularly when it comes to values. You’re competing against a lot of other products and services on the floor who might have flashier exhibits and products than you. But that doesn’t matter to millennials as much as you think it does.

Likability, Trust, Consistency, and Personality

These are the most important factors that millennials consider when it comes to who they choose to do business with. The great thing about all of these factors is that they mean you don’t have to outspend your competitors or come up with the biggest, boldest presentation to earn their attention.

If you’re likeable, and prove to be a trustworthy industry voice, you will win everyone over. As you consistently represent your brand you will continue to grow your audience. Earning their attention increases brand engagement and awareness which will grow loyal followers and customers. According to the University of Southern California, this is key for the millennials especially.

Understand The Way They Think

Once you’ve got their attention, you have to keep it. Millennials are notorious for short attention spans, so you don’t want them to move on before you’re able to share your message. Even though they grew up in a generation full of technology and online communication, they actually want you to make the experience as personal as possible.

Here’s a shocking fact – 90% of millennials said that they actually prefer getting mail “the old fashioned way” (yes, that’s right, snail mail) over email for promotional items because they consider it far more personal.

Virtual and augmented reality are still great options, but don’t count out tangibles. Younger generations still like to be able to hold it in their hands and share the brand with friends. Your entire trade show experience can and should be built around personal experiences that are as intimate in nature as possible.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love free stuff? Don’t be afraid to double down on those branded freebies as giveaways. Millennials love them, particularly if they bridge the digital and physical worlds together.

The trade show audience is changing, and the best way to take advantage of that is to embrace the younger attendees.


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