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Working With Creatives: A Reading List

May 4, 2018 By Editor

Working with Creatives

The need for creative services is growing fast, and we’re in an age where the Internet and visual media have taken over the marketing world. Photographers, writers, graphic designers and artists are all huge players on the marketing team and contribute to building successful campaigns. Yet, in spite of their dominance, some brands continue to struggle working well with the creatives they need for success. Are you one of them?

Many creative professionals thrive in different working environments than those of us who are used to traditional management practices. Creatives can be frustrated with their struggles in an organization as well, especially if they feel that their ideas aren’t being heard. They may not be able to produce as quickly as less creative counterparts because they’re focused on innovation, which could potentially lead to internal struggles.

So what can we do to balance the need for creatives with the challenges of keeping them happy in a work environment like face-to-face marketing? And more importantly, how can we learn to open our minds to a different way of thinking? Here are some resources that will shed light on tactics that work well with creative minds and help them thrive.

5 Reasons Your Brand Has Trouble Working With Creatives


Content, including written word and visuals, is critical in today’s marketplace, especially at trade shows and within your marketing materials. Brands are increasingly relying on creatives to design the next best campaign, yet many struggle to work well with creative professionals. Forbes breaks down five reasons for this and offers potential solutions to get your brand talking with the creatives it needs for marketing success.

How To Give And Receive Feedback About Creative Work

Harvard Business Review

Creative professionals put their emotions into their work, it’s what makes the best campaigns so successful. But, this can also make feedback difficult to swallow. Companies must still be able to direct their creatives in order to achieve the desired outcome. Harvard Business Review discusses ways to provide constructive criticism to creatives that won’t leave them with emotional residue, but will generate more effective creative effort.

Managing Creative People: A Beginners Guide

Point Park University

In this article, we get to explore what makes creatives tick and how you can use that knowledge to better manage creative teams. This piece also explores the management styles that work best for working with creatives. With a few changes to your management style that will better cater to those creative minds on your team, you will be rewarded with increased innovation and higher satisfaction.

How To Get The Best Creatives Dying To Work For You


Considering creatives could make or break a successful trade show campaign, getting the best of the best to give their best to your project is a top priority. But how do we do that? Here are six game-changing ways that will have creatives begging to work with you on your next event.

HR Roundtable: The Challenge In Dealing With Creative People


This roundtable looks at two perspectives and provides some insights on both the business side of working with creatives and the perceptions creatives have of how their work is needed and valued. Read on to find out how we can foster creativity in every work environment and help creatives thrive.

Were these articles helpful? Do you have any tips for other event and exhibit managers on working with creatives successfully? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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