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3 Ways to Manage Your Conference Content Strategy

July 1, 2018 By Editor

Content Strategy


Content marketing can be a difficult enough process, but when you add meetings and conventions into the mix, managing conference content can become even more difficult. With the rise of mega-conferences that deliver the same trite content time and again, the message is being lost in the shuffle. How do you deliver a conference that brings together the best minds in the industry to develop game-changing approaches to business? Many mega-events are now being downsized to deliver quality instead of quantity, as mentioned in our talk with renowned conference facilitator Adrian Segar. Here's a look at ways you can manage your content strategy to grow results.

Content Development that Lasts

How is content developed? The process needs to be manageable while delivering content that keeps attendees coming back for more. When you add in the opportunities created by new technology and the related tools, you can leverage your conference content for amazing longevity.

But how do you develop content that lasts for more than a few days past the conference? The easy answer is to make that shared wisdom part of your larger year-round content plan. But how do you achieve this level of development in today's increasingly time-consuming, complex conference atmosphere? How can you use it to address industry challenges that arise?

An Associations Now survey conducted recently looked at the responses of 143 association professionals. The results of this survey found five challenges that occurred globally in attempting to distribute conference content. These included managing the collection and review of content, managing changes to content, providing several different formats to meet all attendees' needs, leveraging conference content after the event has finished and developing a strategy to monetize that content. How do you get past these challenging issues? Here are three ideas to keep in mind when you're developing and implementing your conference content strategy.

Research, Research, Research.

What formats can you use to deliver content? Are you staying with the old standbys of blog posts, programs and presentation decks? Or have you started to explore the less traditional, including social media stories, attendee-recorded video, a conference news network? Take the time to figure out what your attendees will be willing to read or watch. You can discover this information by looking at previous event metrics, or offer a discount on the next event to attendees who complete a survey on which content they feel delivered the strongest impact and which content fell flat. This gives you direction in your content strategy.

Get Help from Attendees.

Will your internal staff be able to help produce sufficient content across all your delivery channels, especially during the busiest time of the event? If not, that's okay. Ask your conference attendees to help create content through social media ambassadors, blog writers, videographers and similar aspects. You can provide any number of benefits to these individuals to help spread the word, keep your branding consistent and reach your attendees across many different channels, such as special recognition, discounts on services, membership or products.

Repurpose Content Intelligently.

Though it's very common for content from a conference to be reused, you need to do it in an intelligent fashion. Having a keynote speaker interviewed? Consider your strategy and the questions asked to be able to repurpose that content for blog posts, social media channels or for future marketing pieces. By creating a strategy for this type of content, you can save time and money in the process by developing options for a range of different marketing purposes down the road.

By taking the time to intelligently strategize your show marketing opportunities, you can get the best possible content without breaking the bank or running yourself down during the craziest points of your conference. Need help with your strategy? Reach out to MC2 to get started today.



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