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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

July 1, 2018 By Editor

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The Importance of Forming Supplier Relationships

Teamwork. It’s the name of the game in our industry. There’s no exception when it comes to planning, preparing and presenting at trade shows. But what a lot of us forget is that our team extends past our internal office. If you aren’t considering suppliers and vendors as key members of the team, you should.

Understanding Company Quirks

From printed materials to promotional products to lighting. A trade show requires a lot of moving parts. When you can find a supplier that you can work with throughout the trade show season, it definitely helps.

When you find a supplier who understands your company and is easy to work with – stick with them. This is the type of relationship that can be challenging to come by in the industry.  A long-time supplier will be able to predict and provide you with items you didn’t even know you needed yet. They know what works for your brand and whatever quirks there are about your company that makes you, you.

Deals and Discounts

Who doesn’t love a deal? When a supplier provides you with items and services on a regular basis, a routine develops. They know any seasonal needs and can help with pre-ordering for the future. More importantly, when your supplier sees a special deal come up for some of your go-to items, they can save you some big bucks. If you have a committed relationship with them, you’re more likely to benefit from this.

Avoiding the Awkward Contract Break

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than having to end a contract with a supplier. And nothing more irksome that searching for a new one. Keep open and constant communication with your supplier and you’ll form an invaluable relationship and you’ll be sure you’re getting exactly what you were expecting when the contract was signed.

Having a Back-Up Plan

We don’t like to think about it, but sometimes things go badly. Here’s when a positive working relationship with suppliers means you can count on them in a crisis. Suppliers are essentially an extension of your brand. They’re part of your team, so keeping them close ensures they’ll go the extra mile for you in times of crisis.

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