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Refresh, Reboot and Re-plan: Using the Last of Summer to Get in Gear

September 10, 2018 By Editor

These waining summer days are an excellent opportunity to catch up, take care of yourself, and get ready for the upcoming season. Unlike the rest of the year, when you’re stressed and work is busy, you have a chance to refresh, reboot and re-plan.

Reflect on what’s been going on and take some personal time to recharge physically and mentally before heading back into the fray. Take time to look at your exhibit or event program, test to see if it still makes sense, if last year’s plan still works or whether you need to adjust your strategy. Talk to internal stakeholders to see what they’re thinking about to drive awareness and sales. Consider where your budget is at this point of the year.

Now is an opportunity to check how it’s going and make course corrections. Use this information to form a solid strategy for the rest of this year — and your plans for the year to come.

10 Ways to Use the Last of Summer to Get in Gear

  1. Consider your show schedule. Are you valuing your shows properly and investing accordingly? Are there overlaps that cause problems for your company’s ability to perform?
  2. Evaluate your properties. Take the time to look over your company’s properties. If you have old, poorly functioning properties or you have high storage bills, it’s time to develop a plan to clean house.
  3. Look at your internal team. If stakeholders are causing problems, now’s a good time to communicate that you can’t deliver the results they need without their participation.
  4. Consider your vendors and outside partners. Ask for a mid-year review on costs, performance, and quality. Consider better ways to maintain peak performance while staying open to supplier suggestions for improvement.
  5. Contemplate your costs. Look at your spending. Are you over budget and in need of an injection or are you on course? Does your spending represent all areas of your program equally? Don’t forget to focus on areas that desperately need attention.
  6. Measure past performance. Collect and analyze your data, using the best options to calculate program performance. Talk to industry experts about which metrics to use based on the program you’re running.
  7. Enroll in seminars, industry enrichment. Staying on top of changes in the industry makes you more responsive to your prospects in the field and at shows. Once you’ve added them, it’s easier to stay committed to them over last-minute developments.
  8. Set up your travel and save. If you haven’t done so already, making your travel reservations for the upcoming season can offer cost savings. And you may be able to get started on that TSA-Pre authorization to speed airline check-ins.
  9. Work on your next budget. Now’s also a good time to work on next year’s budget, asking for everything you want and need. This way, you will have more time to fight for what you want.
  10. Present your plan to management. Take the time to talk to those in management so that they have a heads up about your needs and plans. This draws more attention to your cause and makes you look great.

Our industry is fast-paced and demanding, so taking even a brief amount of time to refresh, reboot and re-plan helps you prepare for the next busy season. Try a few of these options and see where it takes you. Part of making smart decisions includes delivering measureable outcomes from strong results. MC² can help. Please contact us today to get started.


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