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Sales vs. Marketing – Who’s Got the Lead?

Download: Sales vs Marketing: Who's Got the Lead?
According to the CMO Council, 38% of CMOs say that aligning and integrating sales and marketing is a top priority this year. But only 30% have a clear process or program to make this priority a reality.

  • • Sales thinks marketing is lightweight and easy.
  • • Marketing says sales people will say anything to get a deal.
  • • The old “numbers game” approach to marketing is over.
  • • Sales needs to be viewed as an authority by potential buyers.

At the same time, buyers have fundamentally changed the marketing and sales landscape. Today’s customers form impressions from every encounter they have with your brand. With customers in control of the buying cycle, the re-alignment of the Sales and Marketing relationship has never been more valuable.

Understanding the new paradigm for buyer behavior will point to ways Sales and Marketing can align and smooth a customer's path to purchase.



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